I have a problem, how can I contact the Help Line?

You can contact us in any of the following ways:
Call our Helpline number: 0401 401 040
Website: www.sikhhelpline.com.au
Email: info@sikhhelpline.com.au
Facebook : www.facebook.com/SikhHelplineAustralia

Can I seek help without revealing who I am?

Yes, you can. You do not have to provide any information about yourself if you do not wish to.
Sometimes, our counselor may ask you a question to better understand your background and particular situation. If you do not wish to answer, politely say so or say No. Our counselors will always respect your privacy and wishes.

Do you ever tell anyone else what I say?

The Helpline has a strict confidentiality policy:
we will not sell or rent your demographic information to anyone.
we do not record calls.
we will not publish your emails without your permission
we will never share your information without your permission.
However, if we feel that you are in great danger, we will advise you to let us contact the emergency services if you tell us your location. At all times, we will keep you informed of what we are doing.

What do I do if I have trouble connecting when I call?

We work hard to make sure that everyone can reach us as quickly as possible. If you call 0401 401 040 and are having trouble reaching us, please contact us via email, website or Facebook Page. If you are in a medical emergency or suicidal crisis, please call 000.

How can I use Facebook to contact helpline?

Depending on your situation, you can either post the information on our page or send a message to us on www.facebook.com/SikhHelplineAustralia

Can I link to the Sikh Helpline website through my organization’s website or my personal website?

We encourage all organizations/individuals interested in promoting Sikh Helpline to use a link to www.sikhhelpline.com.au on their own websites or other platforms.