Sikh Helpline is community service run by sevadaars. Our volunteers come from all walks of life: they are working people, students, professionals; they are teens (18 years and older) and they are retirees; they come from a variety of cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds.

While they do not necessarily share any particular prior experience or training, we share a deep respect for human life and a desire to reach out to those in pain.

Fill the 3 STEP form below and our volunteer facilitators will contact you to get you aboard the team.

Step 1

Personal Details

  • Availability

  • Volunteer Roles Interested

  •  Administration Public Relations Web/Graphic Design Counselling Training/Management Community Education Fundraising Field Support Marketing/Promotion
  • Yes No 

Step 2

  • Education and training

  • Employment history(Current or most recent)

  • Referees

    Please give name and contact details of person who will provide a reference for you e.g. current/previous employer, college tutor, family friend (but not a family member).

Step 3

  • Health & Security

  • Yes No 
  • Yes No 
  • Yes No 
  • Yes No 
  • Emergency Contact

  • Declaration

    I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form is correct. I understand that providing misleading or false information could make me liable for legal action. I give Sikh Helpline permission to contact my referees and obtain any information relating to my criminal history record by police checks.