Inform Us

If you have any questions or enquiries then you can get in touch with us. Please feel free to ask any question and click on View More button for further details.


I have a problem, how can I contact the Help Line?

You can contact us in any of the following ways:
Call our Helpline number: 0401 401 040
Facebook :

Can I seek help without revealing who I am?

Yes, you can. You do not have to provide any information about yourself if you do not wish to.
Sometimes, our counselor may ask you a question to better understand your background and particular situation. If you do not wish to answer, politely say so or say No. Our counselors will always respect your privacy and wishes.

Sikh Helpline Confidentiality Policy

All information relating to a caller is confidential unless:

  • We have informed consent from the caller to pass on information
  • We call Emergency Services because a caller appears to be at imminent risk
  • We receive a court order requiring us to divulge information
  • We are told information about acts of terrorism or bomb warnings