State of Location NSW
Name of Organization Harman Foundation

Mission Statement: Giving a helping hand to families in grief and loss.

What we do: Provide assistance to members of the community who are subject to anxiety, stress and/or suffering caused through unforeseen circumstances, due to loss of a family member.
Promote family/parenting seminars to increase awareness about mental health and family values

About Harman Foundation: The Harman foundation was established in memory of our beloved son and brother Harman Preet Singh. Harman was born on the 9th of February 1985 to proud parents Harinder and Maninder. Living in Punjab, India for the first 6 years of his life, culture remained engrained in Harman’s morals and ethics his entire life.

Moving to Australia in 1991, Harman faced many challenges being a Sikh boy in a vastly different community. In time, he came to flourish and strive despite adversity in his life. Harman graduated from the University of NSW with a double degree in commerce and law in 1999?, and went on to develop a career through hard work and perseverance in the finance industry.

Tragically while returning from a holiday, on the 5th of October 2012, he passed away during a motor vehicle accident, leaving his parents and siblings shocked and beyond devastated. What inspired the creation of the Harman foundation was Harman’s strong moral character that never wavered throughout his life and the immense support that surrounded the family as soon as the tragedy struck. The Harman Foundation is created in the memory of our dearest son Harman Preet Singh to honour his legacy and what he stood for.